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Doctor of Religious Philosophy

Program Description:
The Doctor of Religious Philosophy Studies program is designed for students who
intend to learn advanced understanding of classical Asian philosophy and Orient so that
students can communicate the gospel and biblical wisdom to the East. The program
helps students with understanding of the root of idea and philosophy inherent in the sprit
world of Asians for thousand years. Such study includes history and philosophical
understanding of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism in Oriental Thought and
Oriental Philosophy. Particularly, the program emphasizes study on Confucianism,
which is the representative idea of China and the Orient and its ideological background,
which is I-ching that is based upon Yin-Yang and Five elements of the University. The
program helps students to study an in-depth study of I-Ching, its philosophical term,
aspect, and interpretation. It also includes study of Analects of Confucius, Mencius,
Great Learning, and Mean. Students also learn the practical aspect I-ching that includes
Oriental meditation, Myeongri and Oriental Geographic, which have been developed
based on I-ching in real life of Asians.

Program Requirements:
Length: Approximately 6 semesters or 3 years
Core Business Courses: 15 courses (45 units)
Dissertation: 9 units
Theology Requirement: 2 courses (6 units)
Total Units: 60 semester units
Unit Transfer Policy
A transfer unit cannot exceed 49% or more of total graduation units. This means the
majority of units must be taken at Caroline University. The acceptance of credits is at the
description of the university, depending upon the academic rigor of the prior course

Program Learning Outcomes:
At the summation of the Doctor of Religious Philosophy Studies, the student will be
able demonstrate the following capacities:
1. To demonstrate their ability to outline Oriental Thought and Oriental Philosophy
2. To analyze Yinyang Theory and Five Elements of the Universe
3. To outline history and philosophical understanding of Confucianism, Taoism and
Buddhism in Oriental Thought
4. To outline and articulate I-Ching, its philosophical term, aspect and interpretation
5. To demonstrate their ability to outline development of Oriental thoughts with a clear
embodiment of Judeo-Christian ethics.

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for
admission to the Doctor of Religious Philosophy Studies program:
1. Have achieved at least a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in all
graduate-level work.
2. Have earned a Master of Religious Philosophy program or its equivalent from an
accredited graduate program.
3. Complete Application form for admission
4. Application Fee
5. Recommendation Form

Dissertation Requirements:
Upon completion of courses, students must register for dissertation units while drafting
and successfully defending the dissertation. The Dissertation committee must approval
every candidate’s doctoral dissertation committee.
Any dissertation committee will consist of three graduate faculty members selected at
large from the program of Caroline University. The dissertation committee members will
solely have the responsibility to mentor the doctoral candidate’s progress and approval
all his/her doctoral dissertation content.
The final dissertation committee must approval the dissertation at the time of oral
defense. All dissertation topics will have to be directly related to the field of religious
philosophy studies. The content of such dissertation projects may investigate any
oriental studies. The doctoral candidate must submit a preliminary draft of the entire
dissertation work to every member of their dissertation committee by the beginning of
the semester in which doctoral student contemplate graduation in order to allow
dissertation committee members’ request and revisions before as well as after the final
oral examination takes place.
The application requesting a date for the final oral dissertation defense must be
submitted to the entire committee at least six weeks before the planned date of the oral
defense of the dissertation in order to allow the dissertation committee members some
time to determine whether the oral dissertation defense may be scheduled. The oral
dissertation defense will be scheduled only if all the dissertation committee members
agree that the dissertation is free of any major problems and indicate their agreement as
well as their commitment to attend oral dissertation defense by signing the petition for
final oral dissertation defense form.

Categories Code Course Title Units
Core Courses (15 courses / 45 units)


DPS701 Research in Yin-Yang and Five Elements Philosophy (3 units) 45


DPS702 Book of Oriental Classics II (3)
DPS703 Research in Eastern Philosophy and Classical Literature (3)
DPS704 Research in Taoism (3)
DPS705 I-Ching Lecture (3)
DPS706 Eastern Astronomy (3)
DPS707 The Analects of Confucius Lecture (3)
DPS708 Daehak Lecture JungYong (3)
DPS731 Research Methodology
DPS732 Ethics for Dissertation and Research (3)
DPS756 Korean Traditional Geographic (3)
DPS771 Confucious Architecture Geomancy Aesthetic (3)
DPS772 Theories of Oriental Geographic History (3)
DPS773 Research in the Complete Text of Myungri Interpretation (3)
DPS774 Thesis Seminar (3)
DPS761 Book of Oriental Classics III (3)
DPS762 Book of Oriental Classics IV (3)
DPS763 Book of Oriental Classics V (3)
DPS764 Book of Oriental Classics VI (3)
DPS765 I-Ching I (3)
DPS766 IChing II (3)
DPS 767 Understanding Meditation (3)
DPS768 The Thought of Lao Tzu (3)
DPS769 The Book of Odes (3)
DPS770 Research in the Mencius’ Tourism Thought (3)
DPS780 JungYong Lecture (3)
DPS781 Study of Juja Thought (3)
Total 45



Theology Requirements: 2 courses (6 units)


Categories Code Course Title Units
2 courses (6 units) OT701 Theology of OT (3) 6
NT701 Theology of NT (3)
THE701 Comparative Religion (3)
THE702 Psychology of Religion (3)
NT702 Synoptic Gospels (3)
NT703 Acts
THE703 Contemporary Theology (3)
OT703 OT Historical Books (3)
OT704 Pentateuch (3)
OT705 The Prophets (3)
OT706 Biblical Interpretation (3)
Total 6

Graduation Requirements:

1) The completion of 60 semester hours of credit including at least 45 units of core courses and 6 units of theology requirements.
2) Completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 out of 4.0 scales.
3) Passing Exit interview