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Doctor of Religious Business Administration

Program Description:
The Doctor of Religious Business Administration program at Caroline University offers a unique educational experience based on a comprehensive curriculum designed to deliver rigorous graduate education to professionals whose careers and management responsibilities exceed a single functional specialty, and require a higher-level of knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. Every doctoral student will have to complete 11 core courses (33 units) and dissertation (9 units) along with 6 units of theology requirements. The emphasis of the program is on providing an interdisciplinary, integrated, and applied approach that will prepare students for a more complete set of managerial skills and an advanced organizational knowledge.

With the guidance of a faculty advisor working full-time at Caroline University, each doctoral student will select four elective courses, choosing from a variety of highly-innovative of advanced study and specialization that will contribute to their academic and professional growth and development. The student may opt for any combination of these elective courses, taken from any of the areas of advanced study represented so that their course of study will be as broad or as narrow as they desire. These electives should complement or emphasize the student’s prior MBA course of study. The three distinct and innovative areas of advanced study from which they may choose these electives are fast-emerging ones so that the students may tailor their breath of knowledge to their areas of interest.

The Doctor of Religious Business Administration program will deliver a rigorous educational that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in business administration. The ability of students to benefit from this doctoral program is not limited to employment in such organizations; the program will also help students build a good ethical foundation for engaging in any business endeavor that the this degree program holder would want to venture into. The objective of this program is designed to provide an executive-level of critical thinking and systematic thought, team building, decision-making, and leadership.

Program Requirements:
Length: Approximately 6 semesters or 3 years
Core Business Courses: 11 courses (33 units)
Business Electives: 4 courses (12 units)
Dissertation: 9 units
Theology Requirement: 2 courses (6 units)
Total Units: 60 semester units

Unit Transfer Policy
A transfer unit cannot exceed 49% or more of total graduation units. This means the majority of units must be taken at Caroline University. The acceptance of credits is at the description of the university, depending upon the academic rigor of the prior course experience.

Program Learning Outcomes:
At the summation of the Doctor of Religious Business Administration, the student will be able demonstrate the following capacities:

1. To demonstrate their ability to analyze the evolving nature of corporations, and to outline and explain the commonly practiced managerial methods and practices
2. To demonstrate that s/he has acquired and can implement management methods that are relevant and applicable to the business world, practicing leadership with change management.
3. To measure an organization’s intellectual assets; foster new approaches to measuring the economic performance of organizations; and identify how product development merges with entrepreneurship.
4. To articulate a philosophy of management based upon the integration of empirical, historical, and social science research.
5. Practice enhanced management skills and interpersonal relationships, and demonstrate ability to manage & administer a business with clear embodiment of Christian ethics.

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the Doctor of Religious Business Administration program:

1. Have achieved at least a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in all graduate-level work.
2. Have earned a Master of Business Administration or its equivalent from an accredited graduate program.
3. Complete Application form for admission
4. Application Fee
5. Recommendation Form

Dissertation Requirements:
Upon completion of courses, students must register for dissertation units while drafting and successfully defending the dissertation. The Dissertation committee must approval every candidate’s doctoral dissertation committee.

Any dissertation committee will consist of three graduate faculty members selected at large from the program of Caroline University. The dissertation committee members will solely have the responsibility to mentor the doctoral candidate’s progress and approval all his/her doctoral dissertation content.

The final dissertation committee must approval the dissertation at the time of oral defense. All dissertation topics will have to be directly related to the field of business administration. The content of such dissertation projects may investigate any business-related hypotheses. The doctoral candidate must submit a preliminary draft of the entire dissertation work to every member of their dissertation committee by the beginning of the semester in which doctoral student contemplate graduation in order to allow dissertation committee members’ request and revisions before as well as after the final oral examination takes place.

The application requesting a date for the final oral dissertation defense must be submitted to the entire committee at least six weeks before the planned date of the oral defense of the dissertation in order to allow the dissertation committee members some time to determine whether the oral dissertation defense may be scheduled. The oral dissertation defense will be scheduled only if all the dissertation committee members agree that the dissertation is free of any major problems and indicate their agreement as well as their commitment to attend oral dissertation defense by signing the petition for final oral dissertation defense form.




Categories Code Course Title Units
Core Courses (11 courses / 33 units)


BUS610 Principle of Business Administration (3 units) 33


BUS620 Study of Research and Survey Method (3)
BUS630 Study of Sales Management (3)
BUS640 Study of Distribution Management (3)
BUS650 Study of Marketing Management (3)
BUS660 Study of Financial Management (3)
BUS670 Study of Logistic Management (3)
BUS680 Study of Franchise System (3)
BUS690 Study of HR Management (3)
BUS701 Seminar in Organization Change (3)
BUS702 Seminar in Marketing Management (3)
BUS703 Seminar in Global Management Issues (3)
BUS705 Advanced Financial Management (3)
BUS707 Advanced Operations and Logistics Management (3)
BUS708 Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BUBS709 Advanced Research Methods and Experimental Designs (3)
BUS731 Emerging Leadership Concepts and Strategies (3)
BUS732 Advanced Negotiations, Collective Bargaining, and Group Dynamics (3)
BUS756 Ethical Decision Making in Business (3)
BUS811 Advanced Statistical Theory (3)
BUS812 Advanced Survey Methodology (3)
BUS813 Thesis Seminar (3)
Total 33


Elective Courses: 4 Course (12 units)


Categories Code Course Title Units
Sales Management Major (4 courses) BUS821 Sales Communication Theory (3) 12
BUS822 Sales Consultation Theory (3)
BUS823 Sales Bond Management Theory (3)
BUS824 Sales Planning Theology (3)
BUS825 International Sales Management Theory (3)
BUS826 Sales Management Theory (3)
BUS827 Sales Organization Management Theory (3)
Distribution Management Major (4 courses) BUS831 International Logistic Management Theory (3) 12
BUS832 Retail Start-up Theory (3)
BUS833 Commercial Power Theory (3)
BUS834 Store Management Theory (3)
BUS835 International Distribution Theory
BUS836 Distribution Market Survey Theory (3)
BUS837 Merchandising Theory (3)
Marketing Management Major (4 courses) BUS841 Product Development Theory (3) 12
BUS842 Price Management Theory (3)
BUS843 Sales Promotion Theory (3)
BUS844 Consumer Behavioral Theory (3)
BUS845 Advertisement PR Theory (3)
BUS846 International Marketing Theory (3)
BUS847 Service Marketing Theory (3)
Business Management Consulting Major (4 courses) BUS861 Business Analysis Seminar (3) 12
BUS862 International Contract Management Theory (3)
BUS863 Business Consulting Methodology Theory (3)
BUS864 Organization Development Seminar (3)
BUS865 Job Analysis Seminar (3)
BUS866 Franchise Consulting Theory (3)
BUS867 Start-up Consulting Theory (3)
Total 12



Theology Requirements: 2 courses (6 units)


Categories Code Course Title Units
2 courses (6 units) OT701 Theology of OT (3) 6
NT701 Theology of NT (3)
THE701 Comparative Religion (3)
THE702 Psychology of Religion (3)
Total 6

Graduation Requirements:

1) The completion of 60 semester hours of credit including at least 33 units of core courses, 4 units of elective courses and 6 units of theology requirements.
2) Completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 out of 4.0 scales.
3) Passing Exit interview